4000 Series Programmable Pushbutton Lock

The 7000 Series pushbutton lock provides convenient auxiliary indoor/outdoor protection for commercial and residential applications. This lockset can be mounted above existing primary locksets or used alone. The standard model is equipped with a deadbolt (manual relock) and a saw-resistant, hardened-steel insert. Deadlocking latch models with automatic relock are also available.

Compact, stylish, and secure, the 7000 Series operates only when the correct buttons are pushed in the proper sequence and the turn knob is rotated to retract the deadbolt or latch.


  • Rugged weather-resistant all-metal construction
  • Fully mechanical – not affected by power failures
  • Clutch-protected turn knob cannot be forced
  • No keyway to be picked
  • Large easy-to-depress pushbuttons
  • One-hand operation
  • Deadbolt models available with 2 3/8″ (60 mm) and 2 3/4″ (70 mm) backsets
  • Exterior trim plate covers 2 1/8″ (54 mm) bores
  • 1″ (25 mm) deadbolt models have a saw resistant hardened steel insert
  • Mounts above existing lockset or can be used alone
  • For interior or exterior use