OMNILOCK® 100, 300 & 500 SERIES

The OMNILOCK® 100, 300 & 500 Series access control systems combine the sophistication of electronic access control with the reliability of a commercial grade lockset. Manufactured in America, the OMNILOCK® stand alone access control system provides the superior features and quality that you have come to expect from OSI Security Devices.

Programming Instructions


  • 100, 300 or 500 individual user code capacities
  • Records user identity, date and time for each entry
  • Available for both indoor and exterior applications
  • 5 year/100,000 operation battery life
  • Installs in minutes with standard door preparation
  • Keypad programmable with handheld infrared printer (no wires or connectors)
  • Eleven button silicone rubber keypad (optional stainless steel buttons available)
  • Available on a Schlage® D Series Lock or Grade 1 Arrow® Lock
Description of various codes available –All Codes are from 4 to 9 digits long as determined by the length of the Master Code.
Master Code Full permissions for Programming, Entry code and Shutdown
Submaster Code Limited Programming and Entry code.
Service Code Variable lifetime code – allows temporary (time limited) access to service personnel.
Supervisor Code Allows access when user group is disabled or supervised. Can restrict /enable general user code.
General User Code Allows access when access level is at Code Required and user group is enabled.
Audit Code Used to retrieve Audit Log Report to WP4000 wireless printer.
Unlocked Free passage – handle unlocked.
Unlock With Code Remains unlocked after ‘first code in’.
Code Required Valid code required for entry.
Lockout Only Submaster or Master can be used for entry
Shutdown Only Master Code can be used for entry.
Anti-tamper Initially set after 3 consecutive invalid code entries. Additional key presses ignored for 10 seconds.
AUDIT LOG Records Date, Time, Identity, and Transaction
TIME SCHEDULE Sets Access level and/or controls access for user groups automatically at preprogrammed times. May be preprogrammed for automatic holiday scheduling.
INTERNAL CLOCK Resolution: 1 minute with leap year correction. Daylight Savings: Automatic or manual corrections.
FACITLITY AUTOCODE Multiple OMNILOCK® locks can be quickly set-up with identical access codes to accommodate any number of users throughout a building complex