PowerLever™ System by Kaba

Electronic access with no batteries or wires? You bet. The new PowerLever® Door Lock, featuring the exclusive PowerStar® technology, generates its own electrical energy with each depression of the lever. It’s electronic access control – with a twist.

You’ll also get a charge out of the PowerLever Door Lock’s conventional features. Like easy PIN changes, a free-wheeling lever, and designated code lockout. Windows® compatible software makes managing access schedules, user and audit data a snap. It’s also ADA compliant, BHMA Grade One certified and easy to install. Why install anything else?

PowerStar Technology — Use of an internal generator creates all the necessary power. No batteries or external wiring required.

Model 1550 4550 455x (for panic devices)
Number of Users 20 3000 3000
Audit Trail Records N/A 23,000 23,000
Programmable Schedules 7 7
ADA Compliant ü ü ü
Access by PIN ü ü ü
Access by Smart Key ü ü
Access by PIN + Smart Key ü ü
Software Programmable ü ü
Keyless Entry No more bulky key rings to keep track of; no more lost keys, rekeying expense or inconvenience.
User-Changeable PINs Each user’s PIN is unique and can be changed at any time.
PowerStar™ Technology No batteries, wiring, maintenance, hassles. Depressing the lever energizes the lock.
Managerial Lock-Out A user (or group of users) may be locked out, at the discretion of the lock manager to control lock access.
Choice of Finishes Black Powder Coat Body with Brushed Chrome lever or Chrome Body with Brushed Chrome lever (US26D). ADA-Compliant Lever with Clutching Mechanism.
Wrong-Try Lock-Out Prevent “hackers” from determining the combination through trial and error.
Optional Audit Trail Record up to 23,000 audit events with date and time stamp.
Access/Traffic Control & Access Schedules Access only with a valid PIN. Restrict access with the optional Time Zone/Access Schedule feature.
User Friendly Software PowerLever software allows you to control hundreds of containers with no special wiring. The Windows® point-and-click interface makes it simple to install and use.
Palm™ Interface Link your PC and your lock together via the Palm™ Interface to share and retrieve data. Create user tables and retrieve audit data from the PC or the PowerLever Door Lock.