Simplex 5000

Simplex® 5000
The keyless way to a world of security, flexibility and convenience.Simple, secure access for almost any application.From our government to our homes, security is a prime concern these days. But as security is heightened, the simple task of coming and going can become needlessly complicated. And that aggravation is often multiplied by the number of people involved.Enter the Simplex 5000. It provides simple, powerful access control in almost any application—commercial, industrial, educational, government, multi-unit residential and lodging. Wherever people need access to controlled areas. Indoors or outdoors. Whether you have one user or thousands of authorized users.

The latest addition to our line of mechanical pushbutton locks, the Simplex 5000, offers unparalleled strength, convenience and flexibility. For strength, there are internal drive parts of cast stainless steel and a clutch-free direct-drive design. You get the convenience of keyless entry with no cards or keys, low maintenance with no batteries to maintain, and quick installation. And there’s the flexibility of many key override options and combinations that change in seconds. It’s world-class security at the push of a few buttons.



Tips and information before you  start

  • Always perform this procedure with the door in the open position
  • Combinations can use any sequence of the five buttons
  • Combinations can be any length using just one or all five of the buttons
  • Each button can only be used once. Also, two or more buttons may be pushed together (at the same time) as part of your new combination
  • After changing the combination, be sure to test the lock several times while holding the door in the open position
  1. Rotate the outside lever once, to clear the lock (latch should not retract)

  2. Press the existing combination followed by the ENTER button. DO NOT ROTATE LEVER

  3. Insert the lever release tool through hole in number pad

  4. lift up end of tool to depress the interior change button. Lift until a click is felt.

  5. Fully rotate the lever once (the latch should retract) then release, to clear existing combination. BE SURE TO ONLY ROTATE THE LEVER, ONCE.

  6. Press in your new combination followed by the ENTER button

  7. Fully rotate the lever, the latch should retract to confirm the new combination has been accepted.

  8. Test the new combination with the door in the open position, several times. Also try the old combination to make sure it no longer works


If the latch retracts each time the lever is rotated without entering a combination, you may have rotated the lever more than once in step 5.  To resolve this, redo procedure starting at step 3.