Genie Keypad Non-IC

Before you begin

This keypad requires a “PIN” code and a “DOOR” code to operate. You will need to have both of these codes ready to program the keypad.

“PIN” code – this is the number that will be used to open / close the garage door. This number is chosen by the user. It can be up to 8 digits (we recommend not less than three)

“DOOR” code – This number will make the keypad compatible to the operator. It is determined by viewing the table and converting the dip switches in the unit or remote, into a three or four digit code.

Looking in the receiver or in the transmitter, find the dip switch board, you may have 9 or 12 switches. Break these up into groups of 3. (if you have 9 switches you will have 3 groups. If you have 12 switches you will have 4 groups). Using the table below convert each group of three switches to a number. THIS 3 OR 4 DIGIT NUMBER WILL BE YOUR DOOR CODE.

UP UP UP = 7
If switches 1-3 are in the “up” position that group converts to
number 7.
UP UP Down = 6
UP Down UP = 5
UP Down Down = 4
Down UP UP = 3
Dip switch settings U U U D D U D D D U D U = door code 7 1 0 5
Down UP Down = 2
Down Down UP = 1
Down Down Down = 0

Setting a combination from scratch:

  • Holding down the “#” and the “8” buttons simultaneously slide cover up until light comes on and release buttons. This clears all existing information stored in keypad.
  • Press 3, 5, 7 and # buttons (red light should flash once per second)
  • Enter your “PIN” number into the keypad followed by the # button (light should blink faster).
  • Enter your three or four digit “DOOR CODE” followed by the * button (light should go out). Slide cover down.
  • To use / test your keypad, slide cover up, enter your “PIN” number followed by the * button. Door should operate.