Genie Keypad IntelliCode

To completely erase & reprogram your Intellicode Wireless Keypad.

  • Open cover slightly, press and hold the PROG and the ‘8’ button at the same time as you slide the cover open all the way. The lights should flicker then go out. Release the buttons.
  • Close and reopen cover.
  • Press 3-5-7 then PROG. The red light should blink once per second.
  • Press in the personal pin number of your choice (Up to 8 digits) then PROG . The red light should blink twice per second.
  • Close cover. Your keypad is now programmed.
  • Find the “LEARN CODE” button located on the back of the garage door opener powerhead which is attached to the ceiling. Press the code button once, a red LED will flash. Note: You will have 30 seconds to complete programming.
  • Open cover of your keypad. Press in the personal pin number you installed in step 4.
  • Press the send button 3 times. Your programming is complete. Press the send button once more to test operator. Close cover.
  • To use your keypad simply open cover, press in your personal pin number, then press send once.