Amsec ESL10

Standard Features:

  • Replaces most mechanical combination locks. Easy installation and operation.
  • Combination changes are fast and easy from the keypad.
  • Factory Reset Combination for solving lost combinations without requiring expensive service calls.
  • Two 9 V DC batteries in the keypad housing can be changed easily.
  • Audible beep and flash from every keystroke gives maximum feedback to the user.
  • New industrial “Soft Touch” membrane keypad is tough yet requires very low activation pressure.
  • 15 minute penalty lockout after 4 incorrect entries protects against manipulation attempts.
  • New patented dead-latched lock design with an internal relock device for maximum security.
  • Lock “auto-locks” when boltwork is thrown to prevent safes from being left in a “daylock” position.
  • ESL20 additional features: Time Delay Mode, Multiple User Mode, Dual Control Mode, Armored Car Override, External A/C Power, Control Port.
  • Optional Expansion Module (ESL20EXP) provides duress alarm output, external connection for A/C power, external connection for control port and connection of one or two ESL20 locks.


  • All entries begin with the “C” key and end with the “#” key.
    Example if your code is 123456, it must be entered as C 1 2 3 4 5 6 #
  • With each keystroke the red lamp should light and a chirp should sound.Lock-out feature will engage after 4 incorrect combination entries.
  • The lock-out penalty is 15 minutes, during which the red light will flash once every five seconds. If a button is pressed while the lock is in the lock-out mode, the light will flash together with a chirp 8 times rapidly.
  • Combination is a fixed length of 6 digits, However, the lock registers the first five digits (after the “C”) and the last digit pressed prior to the “#” key. This will help baffle any on-lookers.


  • You must know the existing combination.
  • Keep door in the open position while changing and testing your new combination!!
  • Have your new combination written down before changing

1. Enter C, #, the existing combination, followed by the #. Example if your existing combination is 123456, enter the following C # 1 2 3 4 5 6 #

2 Enter your NEW 6 digit combination followed by the “#” key.

  • If the new code is an acceptable 6 digit combination, you will here same worble tone as previously heard. -Go to step 3.
  • If there is a problem with the combination you are trying to enter, you will hear 4 short beeps and the process is aborted (the old combination will be retained)

3 Re-enter your NEW 6 digit combination followed by the “#” key.

  • If the combination matches, a long tone is heard. The new combination has been successfully changed – Go to step 4.
  • If the second entry does not match the first entry, 4 short beeps will be heard and the process will be aborted (the old combination will be retained).

4 Test your new combination several times with the door in the open postion