Restricted Keys Info

Restricted / Controlled Key Systems Directory

  • Do you really know how many keys exist to your property? Can you be sure? Even after all these years?
  • Are you sure the employee that is no longer with you, didn’t have a key, or that they gave you back ALL the keys they had?
  • Did a member of your club have an extra key made so his “guest” could play on their own? How about the member that didn’t renew, are they still using the pool?
  • Landlords, if a crime is committed in your building, can you truly say you’ve taken proper measures to control access through your lobby door and limit your liability?

L.I. Locksmith prides itself on our ability to meet the security needs of our customers. We offer a variety of products. Below are the security solutions we offer for those of you looking to TAKE CONTROL OF THE KEYS THAT PROTECT YOU, your property and even your employees or tenants. No one gets a key if you don’t want them too!

Because there is not just one solution for the many different needs of our customers, we offer several different options. Here is a list of different manufacturers and a brief description of what they offer. They are in no particular order.